Taiwan zipper is what drives our company. The continuous improvement on our zippers for the past 40 years from Taiwan has shown that we are one the of most dedicated Taiwan zipper manufacturers. To us, a piece of zipper is not just a zipper but something that we hold the up most regard against. In order to perfect our craft, we have kept our root in Taiwan since 1978.

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As one the top tier zipper producers in Taiwan and Asia, let’s take a look at our company by the numbers! 

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With 42 years of experience in the zippers and accessories industry in Taiwan, our team is consist of veteran and new found talent within the field.  A collection of individuals from various fields has come together to form the Sea-Cheng Team.  Taiwan is not just our home but our root as well.

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innovation is at the core of our company. we understand that in order to stand out, we need to innovate constantly. we can not just rely on our past success.


in order to meet our customer’s requirement, we are always here for them.  we drive ourselves to be  able to satisfy our customers’ needs, 


To be great, we need to constantly fitted with social responsibility. We striev to be one of the most socially responsible company in the trim supplying industry. 

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As the most dedicated zipper producer in Taiwan, we are committed to provide the best available resources to meet your need. Nothing is too much for us to handle.

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